Are you committed to building a people-first culture? Are you looking for actionable strategies to build such a culture? Do you want tools you can use to enhance your leadership and people development?

Our special guest Boomer Brown answers these and other questions about leadership, people development and building cultures of high trust, better people and great impact.

Dr. Boomer Brown, PhD serves as the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) and Visionary for Doing Good at Work, Inc. As a business owner & leader, educator, international conference speaker, author, executive coach, board member, and adviser, his leadership has garnered him the respect of business and community leaders across various industries and cities.

Boomer believes work and business are good, profit is a must, and companies should invest in people, leaders and process to yield the greatest profitability. He is committed to connecting the heart and mind of business leaders to change world. He believes business is a key piece in creating Total Societal Impact. It all starts with people.

His simple, positive, and authentic communication style appeals to a diverse audience. He is passionate about his family, his faith, and service to others. He is committed to caring for business leaders, redeeming business, and changing the world. Better people, better business, better world. We make people better!

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Putting people first may be something completely new
  • What it means to have healthy people in your organization
  • Origins of the concept of cultures of psychological safety
  • Seizing the opportunities today to take a more holistic approach to your people and your business
  • The troubles with creating solutions in a vacuum and without your peoples’ input
  • The importance of a well-informed and intentional people strategy
  • The impact of fear of losing control on our leadership and people strategies
  • The role of questions and listening in developing your people
  • Shortcoming of overly metricfying business (data is not the solution – it’s a tool for solutions)
  • Better people plus better process equals better profits
  • Value of Monday morning momentum meetings
  • Trust is the amniotic fluid of people first cultures
  • Critical obstacles to trust in today’s social cultures
  • Strategies for aligning your people with your strategy and values
  • Understanding yellow line companies (building new companies inside and existing company)
  • Trust keys – consistency and safety
  • Using carefrontation in your leadership
  • Critical need for appreciation in the feedback mix
  • The role of the five appreciation languages with teams, engagement and people development
  • Importance of seeing people as individuals
  • Value of employee care programs (safety net offering)


Special Guest

Boomer Brown

Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) and Visionary for Doing Good at Work

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