It’s time to throw out the idea of annual reviews and look for ways to grow your people every day. Our special guest is serial entrepreneur and thought leader, David Akers, who will be sharing many ideas on ways to implement team growth strategies to help you grow your people. This includes making a personal commitment that every team member will be a better person because they worked at your organization. Listen in as we talk with David Akers about tangible ways to make people growth a core of your business values and strategy. The Impact Leadership Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera, the leadership development eco-system that helps your grow your people, grow your business and grow your life.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn …

  • The importance of hiring outside your industry for fresh eyes and new ideas
  • Ways to flip questions for better ideas and outcomes
  • David’s on do and one don’t when it comes to your people
  • The why behind making a personal commitment to your people – when you leave here no matter what the circumstances, you’ll be a better person personally and professionally than when you started.
  • Strategies for taking a quarterly approach to personal growth expectations and the process for implementing it, including five (5) questions you can use in every quarterly discussion to help everyone and the team grow.
  • Actionable ways to build a culture that people love working in.
  • David’s thoughts on the single most important leadership skill … facilitation.


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