Are you struggling with leading your association through the COVID pandemic? Are you struggling with ways to navigate multi-culturalism, diversity and inclusion? Are you looking for ways to add value to your association members? Our special guest Tendai White delivers tools and perspectives to help you be more effective and impactful in your leadership and your association leadership.

Tendai White works with INPACT (an international association of accounting firms) and serves at the Executive Director of INPACT Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central and South America. INPACT exists to provide support and community to accounting firms across the world. Tendai’s father was a freedom fighter in Zimbabwe, her mother was a nurse and she brings a unique perspective on multi-cultural leadership and organizations. She’s also intentionally built a diverse team.

Listen in as Tendai shares her many ideas on leadership, association leadership and life, as well as leadership lessons from a freedom fighter.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Everyone has a voice – you must be intentional about understanding differences and ways to communicate with them
  • The importance of understanding the people you serve in order to deliver relevant resources
  • The vital role of being open and transparent with your association members
  • The importance of member outreach and communication especially during crises
  • Leaders must be willing to acknowledge uncertainty (embrace our own humanity)
  • Leadership requires that we model more humanity and vulnerability
  • It’s okay to struggle as a leader … it doesn’t stop you from being brilliant
  • Create a space for your members to be honest and vulnerable
  • Know your strengths and build a team with complementary strengths
  • Leadership lessons from a freedom fighting father – always have time for people, helping others, servant leadership, never giving up, different priorities, gratitude, etc.
  • Leadership starts with you – being open and brave enough to look at yourself and work on yourself
  • Invest in yourself in the midst of the storm, not when the seas are calm
  • Tomorrow is not promised – we only have today
  • Add value to your members’ clients and you add value to your members


Special Guest

Tendai White

Executive Director of INPACT Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central and South America

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Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

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