Do you struggle with achieving goals? Are you looking for strategies to help you achieve more and succeed more? Our special guest Ryan Bennett delivers mindsets and tools you can use today to help you more consistently achieve your goals and reach your full potential.

Ryan Bennett is a high-performance coach, author and speaker who guides people to reach their full potential in their lives, businesses, and teams through his proven method of intentional growth. A former ESPN Academic All-American, Ryan decided to channel his competitiveness from baseball to business by founding a Silicon Valley startup. After a few years, Ryan had to shut down the company and it took a failed business to figure out the secret sauce. From this failure Ryan developed a formula for growth called the Intentional Growth Model™️, which became his first book, The Intentional Day.

Listen in as Ryan shares his ideas on goals, discipline, achievement and strategies for intentional growth.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • The difference between learning from past failures and being distracted and held back by them
  • The role of emotional intelligence when it comes to learning from failures
  • Business lessons from baseball – the vital role of teamwork, navigating conflict, always have each other’s backs, competitiveness
  • The impact of a lack of safety on the team, their performance and their teamwork
  • The ways that individual performance is a way to protect yourself when employees don’t feel safe in the business
  • Overcoming failures and getting past the self-label of “failure”
  • The elements of the Intentional Growth Model™️ … Knowledge plus discipline = growth
  • The importance of shifting your perspective on what is failure and to stop seeing it as something painful versus something pleasurable (learning)
  • The vital role of discipline and habits in personal and professional growth
  • The neuroscience how and why of habit formation
  • Only 8% of people who set goals achieve them because they’re primarily outcome focused – if you set a goal and share it with someone success goes to 65% — if you set the goal and have recurring conversations with a partner, success goes to 95%
  • Four Stages of Intentional Growth: 1. Dreaming; 2. Goal Setting; 3. Create Daily Disciplines Around Goals; 4. Growth Partner
  • The importance of savoring our successes (even small wins) and having people in your life where it’s safe to share your wins
  • The importance of achieving short term gratification from the discipline and habits on the journey to the long term goals


Special Guest

Ryan Bennett

Founder of The Intentional Day

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