Are you in the events or festivals business and want to learn the secrets from a master?  Do you want to understand what it means to innovate especially during disruptive times? Are you interested in learning what it means to be an ecosystem leader? Our special guest Billie Jo Aasen is here to answer these and many other questions about business ecosystems, leadership and the twists and turns of entrepreneurship.

Billie Joe Aasen (Vancouver, British Columbia) grew up around started her life festivals, and she’s now a master at creating events and experiences. Her industry has certainly taken a hit during COVID, and you’ll hear about some of the ways she’s adapted and pivoted. She now owns and runs several businesses, as well as a non-profit. Billie Jo is the President and CEO of 542 Entertainment, Billie’s List and Extreme Mudfest. During her career Billie Jo’s had a professional music career and started performing at large venue music events when she was only 18.

542 Entertainment is where she grew her business legs, responsible for booking talent and producing for over 20 Music festivals both in Canada and the US.  In 2015 she created Extreme Mudfest, Canada’s largest mud and music festival – which is solely ran by females.  In 2017, Aasen expanded into the management section of the music business. That same year, Billie Jo was part of launching Billie’s List, an online music community and booking platform for artists, musicians and promoters to connect.

Listen in as Billie Jo shares her wisdom and experience on collaborative leadership and what it takes to thrive on the entrepreneurial journey.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Taking risks and learning lessons
  • The business world of music events and festivals
  • The reality of burnout for entrepreneurs and rethinking your business and life
  • The process of innovation through COVID in the events business
  • The idea and mindset of ecosystem leadership – looking out for the whole rather than your own individual success
  • Mindset shifts are essential during difficult and disruptive times
  • The importance of having a clear marketing and social media content strategy
  • What it means to embrace a collaborative, ecosystem mind shift
  • Beware your egos when navigating disruptive economic times
  • Get clear on the why behind your what – making money as a goal is not what business is about
  • The many emotions of entrepreneurship


Special Guest

Billie Jo Aasen

President and CEO of 542 Entertainment, Billie’s List and Extreme Mudfest

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