Are you looking for specific tools to enhance your performance? Do you want to become a meaningful leader? Are you looking for a proven process to become a high performing leader? Our special guest Jayson Krause (Calgary) is here to answer these and many other questions about meaningful leadership and the science of high performance.

Jayson Krause is the Managing Director of Level 52, which offers executive coaching and customized leader development that delivers results through a blend of innovative, science-based and high-performance methods. Jayson and Level 52 have developed the Science Behind Success,™  an award winning framework that activates a unique mindset and gives you the tools and skills to deliver meaningful results. Jayson is also the author of the soon to be published book, The Science Behind Success – What Every Leader Needs to Know About Mindset, Influence, Culture & Performance. Notably, Jayson was also the pilot on the Canadian national bobsled team.

Listen in as Jayson shares his wisdom and experience on meaningful leadership, high performance and intentional and process-driven growth. What virus of meaning and impact are you intentionally spreading?

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Bobsled piloting and leadership both require small adjustments, learning from failures and pushing your edge
  • The Four Pillars of Performance (The Science Behind Success)
    • Hypertrophy – No pain, no gain
    • Mimetics – Behavioral contagion / viral influence
    • Epigenetics – Factors that influence genetic expression in leadership and culture
    • Myelin – Process of skill acquisition
  • Hypertrophy – Muscles subjected to stress or resistance will adapt by growing (leaders engage in meaningful masochism)
  • CSP Assessment – Complains, Stressors, Pains – Get clear on which ones are most valuable for you to dive into
  • It’s critical to get clear on your own personal definition of leadership
  • Growing awareness is vital and requires 360 feedback and input
  • Transactional leadership (what you do and achieve) versus transformational leadership (trust, relationships, development)
  • Two qualities of great leaders – hunger (to be better) and humility
  • Presence is critical as a bobsled pilot and a leader
  • High performance is obsessing over the simple things that make a difference
  • Everything is a virus – everything you do, say, etc.
  • Be clear what impact you want to create with your viral actions
  • Leaders take 100% responsible for all impacts and outcomes you create (or fail to create)
  • Epigenetics – the science that explains why culture eats strategy for breakfast
  • A simple tool for getting clear on mutual agreed expectations and outcomes – bookends of excitement / success and disappointment
  • Three keys to building myelin – Struggle, repetition and practice
  • Awareness is the entry point to everything in high performance – intention follows awareness – reflection follows intention and action / impact assessment
  • We learn from experiences with intention (not just the experience itself)

High performance does not allow space for blame


Special Guest

Jayson Krause

Managing Director of Level 52, Author, High Performance Coach

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