Do you want to get clear on your higher purpose and mission? Are you clear on your root system and foundations in every part of your life? Do you want to deeply understand what nurtures and nourishes you? Our special guest Chandra Lynn (San Francisco) is here to answer these and many other questions about the path to clarity when it comes to your career and life journey.

Chandra Lynn is an entrepreneur and owner of two successful businesses. Glow Marketing, which provides services that support executives in business and career goals, all aligned with a philosophy based in human needs psychology. She is also the founder and host of Glow Living (, a lifestyle brand and platform for personal growth and healthy living.

Listen in as Chandra Lynn shares her wisdom and experience on what it takes to get unstuck and understand your foundational roots for living a life of your dreams.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • How transforming your life can happen in one second
  • The importance of having and living in alignment with a personal mission
  • You choose your purpose (instead of waiting for it to come to you)
  • It’s vital to get clear on the root systems (foundations) for every part of your life (e.g. values, health / fitness, career, family, relationships)
  • Career pivots are essential on your life journey
  • The meanings you put on experiences matter more than the experiences themselves
  • When you change the lens through which you see your life and experiences you transform your life and life experience
  • Human emotions have a huge spectrum and the same experiences impact different people it differently when it comes to emotions
  • Transformation requires that you get to the root of your beliefs and issues, as well as the cost of those root beliefs and actions
  • Transformation follows when you make a true decision
  • You have to ask what you’re willing to do to get what you say you want
  • It’s vital that you regularly that the sacred pause to assess, reflect and make new decisions
  • It’s important that you regularly shake up your thinking (or you will be shaken)
  • Snow globes as the metaphor of life, leadership and transformation
  • Doing the work on your roots can be mucky and messy
  • When you understand your needs you will better understand of why you make decisions (and then change those decisions and your future)
  • Your typical need for safety, security and certainty will often keep your stuck
  • Balancing your roots is essential


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Chandra Lynn


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