Are you struggling with growing your coaching business? Are you confused about coaching and when / if you should engage a coach? Are you curious about coaching and wondering about the who, what, why and how of engaging a coach? Are you wondering what to expect when you engage a coach? Our special guest Nichole Lowe answers these and other questions about coaching and the business of coaching.

Nichole Lowe is the Founder of Sole Life, an organization that helps coaches grow their businesses and enhance their experience with their coaching business. Nichole has a background in leadership, sales and advertising, but most importantly, she has a long history as a coach. What she learned as a coach is that coaches actually struggle with the business of coaching. From her experience as a coach and in coaching over 500 coaches, Nichole decided to create Sole Life to help coaches with the many challenges of a coaching business, including getting clients, and to allow them to more fully live their passions and make a difference.

Listen in as Nichole shares her wisdom and experience on the power of having a coach and tools for coaches to grow their business and enhance their impact.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Cutting through the noise in the coaching world
  • The critical role of setting mutual expectations in a coaching relationship
  • The importance of interviewing coaches to understand their styles, philosophies, approaches and alignment with your goals
  • Key questions to ask potential coaches
  • Trust is vital in any coaching relationship
  • Understanding the difference between therapy, coaching and consulting
  • Getting clear on what race you’re running and understanding that your obstacles are a key factor in whether you achieve your goals
  • A coach is only as effective as two things: 1. Trust and 2. Ability to support clients with their emotional needs
  • Coaches must be able to trust themselves in order to fully serve their clients
  • The art of great coaching is the art of great questions
  • Coaches must be on their own personal growth and development path in order to serve their clients
  • Coaching is not for people who are failing or who have something wrong with them – coaching is for people
  • Coaching is not for the successful, rich and famous
  • Leadership requires vulnerability – vulnerability creates transformation
  • Coaches offer a safe place for their clients to be vulnerable (coaches must be able to hold space for their clients emotions)
  • Good coaches want to make sure that they’re the best fit / match for people
  • The rich tools that Sole Life offers to coaches and people looking for a coach
  • Leadership Wisdom – It’s not about you … it’s about serving others
  • Leader must be willing to be authentic and to stand up and speak out (gives others permission to do the same)
  • Jesus as a leader


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Nichole Lowe

Founder and CEO of SoleLife

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