Are you looking to build a high performing team? Do you know the 7 deadly sins of leadership? Are you curious about what and want to better understand the concept of conversational intelligence? Do you want to be more strategic with your talent and talent development strategies? Our special guest Jen Thornton answers these and other questions about leadership and building great teams.

Jen Thornton is the Founder, Talent Strategist and leadership development consultant with her rapidly growing consulting firm, 304 Coaching. She’s led international teams across Greater China, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S. to expand into new markets, managing franchise retailers, and developing key strategic partnerships – all while exceeding business objectives and financial results.

This growth has been largely due to Jen’s unconventional approach to building innovative workforce development solutions for companies who are facing breakthrough growth and accelerated hiring patterns. She’s a sought-after business strategist, specializing in start- ups and large value-based organizations. She assists her clients in building talent strategies that complement their business strategies to ensure exponential growth.

Listen in as Jen shares her wisdom and experience on talent development, conversational intelligence and team development.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Obstacles to leadership
  • Key elements of innovation leadership
  • Leadership requires trust and trust requires curiosity
  • The value of being open to failure
  • Key obstacles to living a culture that embraces failure as a tool for creativity, growth and innovation
  • Breaking down, understanding and moving past fear as leaders
  • Understanding conversational intelligence as a leader – “words create worlds”
  • The power of the question “What’s one thing I can do”
  • We only learn from failure when we’re intentional about the learning
  • The impact of nurturing a culture of curiosity in your business
  • Ways leaders build and destruct a culture of ideas, creativity and innovation
  • Things that get in the way of leadership, team, culture and organizational change and transformation
  • The role of overwhelm in preventing change
  • Exploring the 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership
  • The science of always wanting to be right
  • Leaders must continually humanize themselves
  • The unequal impact of COVID on women in the workforce


Special Guest

Jen Thornton

Founder, Talent Strategist, and leadership development consultant at 304 Coaching

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