Are you struggling to achieve the results and life you desire?  Are you feeling stuck? Are you looking for ways to get past your fears, limiting beliefs and doubts? Are you ready to level up your life and your outcomes?

Our special guest Akhtar Khan answers these and other questions about fear, self-sabotage and personal transformation.

Akhtar Khan (UK) is the Founder of Reaching Excellence, and is a renowned and respected high performance, property and business success coach.

As a successful business investor, property entrepreneur and authority on mindset, Akhtar’s ongoing mission and commitment are in supporting others in building wealth through property and business so that they can live life on their terms.

Having had a challenging start in life, growing up in a dysfunctional single-parent family with minimal financial resources, Akhtar discovered that a lack of resources was less important than an attitude of resourcefulness, coupled with a healthy mindset of possibility and good old hard work.

With no personal funds, no experience, and no track record from a standing start, Akhtar built a multi-million-pound portfolio that generated him a 6 figure income that allowed him to retire at the ripe age of 37.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The realities of self-sabotage and strategies to overcome it
  • If you want to change your outcomes you have to change your thinking
  • It’s more important to change your thinking than to figure out what to do
  • The importance of understanding the drivers for the behavior you want to change
  • The vital role that your peer group plays in supporting or sabotaging what you want to achieve
  • The value of having a mastermind group
  • The ways that life traumas, your core wounds, your unconscious and your resulting thinking can determine your results
  • Resistance is fear in action based upon your belief systems (often unconscious)
  • Understanding the four phases of change and implementation
  • Getting past the obstacle of being unconscious (awareness)
  • The importance of being willing to be uncomfortable
  • The importance of community on your transformational journey
  • Change requires that you get down to the root of your beliefs and thoughts
  • Vulnerability is essential to transformation
  • The search for unconditional love and the ways this search gets in your way of your success
  • If you want to transform your results, you must do the work and take off the masks
  • The biggest thing holding you back from what you desire is YOU (and your thoughts and beliefs)
  • Change can be painful, but it’s often necessary and temporary
  • The importance of having support for your transformation journey


Special Guest

Akhtar Khan

Founder of Reaching Excellence

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