Do you want to sharpen your habits and practices for peak performance? Do you have rhythm you want in your life, business and leadership? Are you ready to climb to the heights of your personal and professional performance?

Our special guest Jon Tsourakis answers these and other questions about  leadership, culture, performance and productivity.

Jon is a longtime serial and currently owns or has a part of at least three businesses. He’s a co-owner and President and Chief Revenue Officer of a company called a Oyova, a national marketing and application development agency, where they help helps the firm identify and capitalize on opportunities. He’s also an owner of two other businesses – one that’s healthcare based (CentralComp) and one for people looking to work in sports related businesses (Jobs In Sports).

Jon also facilitates the Digital Mastermind, which is a collection of some of the top digital marketing agencies. He also has a podcast called The Climb.

Jon is a  huge proponent of experiencing different countries, cultures and cuisines, which makes Jon an adventurer. He also has a love of people that drives him every day, and he’s very involved in giving his time and mentoring. He also has a unique ability to organize chaos, simplify the complex and build a team to overcome obstacles and challenges.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Finding the right partners is more important than deciding on the right business
  • Keys for starting and owning multiple businesses (structure and priorities)
  • Strategies for maintaining your priorities in the midst of constant change and chaos
  • Strategies for more intentional and effective communication
  • Energy management matters more than time management
  • A company is a collection of people including their hearts and minds
  • Simple routines to improve your energy, focus and output
  • The impact of sleep and what you eat on your focus and productivity
  • Using daily tracking to assess your habits, practices and energy
  • Assessing your performance patterns to enhance your performance
  • The power and impact of rhythm in your eating, sleep, habits and the people around you
  • The role of trust in building personal rhythm and team rhythm
  • Find every opportunity to give and share praise with your team
  • Leadership lessons from drumming
  • The importance of listening to the red flags you experience in business
  • The importance of having conditions of satisfaction with your clients and customers (ideal client profile)
  • Key questions to ask potential clients (e.g. On a scale of 1-10 how needy are you?)
  • Keys to sales – authenticity, loving people and making people feel special
  • Navigating challenging times – be creative, optimistic, honest and adaptive
  • Leadership ideas for COVID and all times
  • Power of a mastermind
  • If you want to grow, get uncomfortable being uncomfortable


Special Guest

Jon Tsourakis

Serial Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Mastermind Facilitator

Co-Owner,  President and Chief Revenue Officer of Oyova

Host of The Climb podcast


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Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

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