Are you looking for ways to enhance your leadership? Do you want to exponentially grow your leadership? Are you ready to be the most impactful leader you can be?

Our special guest Jonathan Bowman-Perks answers these and other questions about  leadership, teams and personal growth.

Jonathan is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), virtual team facilitator, motivational speaker, philanthropist, pragmatic philosopher and author. As a top 2% globally ranked podcaster and Key Person of Influence (KPI) he focuses on current and aspiring CEOs, senior executives and their teams in every possible sector. No challenge is too hard.

Jonathan thrives supporting early growth businesses and tech companies, focusing on personal behavior and future business results. His vocation has been shaped by his Father’s heroic leadership role modeling and his untimely death, as a British Royal Navy fast jet pilot. Jonathan’s life calling is to inspire you and your team to: find and live your “True North,” unlock your potential and make a difference via your business.

Jonathan recently graduated from one of Harvard’s top leadership programs, and he’s a visiting Professor in Leadership and Executive MBA lecturer at Cass Business School in London. He still holds the unbroken world record for the Cyprus double Mountain Marathon. He’s also a leadership authority and author of both Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders; The Little Book of Wisdom (2017), plus Inspiring Leadership: Leadership Lessons from My Life (2010).

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Leadership is about HIT – honesty, integrity and transparency (Steve Kuhn)
  • The tragic story of Jonathan’s father and the inspiration it created
  • The power and impact of choice in life and leadership
  • Leadership requires courage, humility and discipline
  • Honesty is about self-honesty (being honest with yourself)
  • Integrity is about integration of your whole person
  • Transparency means sharing everything except those few things that you can’t
  • Trust is the foundation of everything
  • The importance of learning to trust your gut
  • Leadership successes and failures during COVID
  • Using check-ins to enhance your leadership, uplift your people and build a culture of safety
  • Leaders must care about the heart and soul of the organization … the people
  • The role of a “psychological contract” with your people (providing psychological safety)
  • The difference between care-taking your people and caring about your people
  • What do your people really care about at work
  • The role of love in leadership
  • Take time to get to know your people
  • The difference between know how and show how in leadership
  • It takes courage to lead differently than you were led
  • The role and importance of treating people with dignity in leadership
  • Leadership is not about being friends with your people (it’s about showing that you deeply and genuinely care about them)


Special Guest

Jonathan Bowman-Perks

Master Certified Coach (MCC), virtual team facilitator, motivational speaker, philanthropist, pragmatic philosopher and author

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