Are you looking for ideas on building your people and culture? Are you committed to enhancing your leadership and people development skills? Are you looking for strategies and tools to enhance your people development impact?

Our special guest Alicia Parr answers these and other questions about  leadership, the role of human resources, and building high engagement and performance cultures.

Alicia Parr is Alicia is the founder of Performentor, which offers fractional full-stack HR for scale-change businesses. With deep experience in HR, she delivers a behavior science-informed and small-business approach. An entrepreneur at heart, Alicia has 20 years of HR experience in small businesses spanning multiple industries. Her expertise is co-authoring learning cultures, amplifying innovative environments, and building high-performing teams of HR experts.  She frequently serves executives as an executive coach and advisor.

Perhaps most important, Alicia is endlessly curious.

Alicia is endlessly curious about how people work and perform as individuals and in groups.  Applying the people science of human performance, she knows theory only matters when it works in practice. With a Bachelors in Marketing, a Masters in Mass Communication, and post-graduate work in Clinical Psychology, Alicia also has deep experience as an endurance athlete.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • The state of HR (moving from cost center HR to strategic, value adding HR leader)
  • A new understanding of business – the conversion of people’s energy and converting that into sustainable economic value
  • HR leaders need to be able to speak the language of business (solve problems)
  • HR’s job is to make it easier for operational leaders to achieve their objectives
  • You must bring value to earn a seat at the leadership table
  • The algorithm of responsibilities, authorities, capabilities and accountabilities
  • The impact when the scope of a role changes (on the person, team and the business)
  • It’s important to focus on the behaviors that aren’t working and to be clear on what the behavior expectations are
  • Intersectionality with people issues requires a more integrated solution
  • The role of generational differences in culture, leadership and change
  • Clarity is vital throughout the organization
  • Understanding network based (versus hierarchical) organizations
  • The importance of understanding the competencies required for each role (especially when someone is potentially advancing)
  • A process of best assuring the right fit between a role and a person
  • Building the skill of empathy for leaders and managers
  • Differently understanding empathy
  • Vulnerability and empathy in leadership
  • Getting it right with your people is not just for big companies
  • You can change and be more than you imagine … it only takes small steps


Special Guest

Alicia Parr

Founder of Performentor

Offers fractional full-stack HR for scale-change businesses

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