Episode 6 – Stop Networking: Simple Shifts to Transition from Transactional Networking to Relational Connecting for More Impact

Listen as Jeff Nischwitz and Craig Mathews explore the age old topic of networking and they say, Stop Networking … at least the ways many of us are doing it. Why do we network and what’s the best way to approach networking to achieve the results we really desire? Learn about the giver’s mindset, the three “knows” of networking and ways to be a resource. Most important, learn how vitality is to build your network BEFORE you need it. Instead of being transactional, embrace a relationship intention and strategies for high impact relationship building. The Impact Leadership Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera, the leadership development eco-system that helps your grow your people, grow your business and grow your life.

Show Notes:

In this episode you’ll learn …

  • Ways the relationship shift requires long term thinking, investing in others, focusing on the us, asking more questions and listening more, and genuinely caring about others.
  • Why are you networking? Focus on building relationships versus getting what you want (transactional).
  • Build your network to grow your tool kit to serve others
  • The three most powerful networking questions
  • The Core Networking Why – To serve others and learn and enrich your life through people
  • The Three “Knows” of Networking – moving from a lukewarm referral to a compelling introduction and recommendation
  • The Secret Sauce for building relationships and impact


Your Hosts

Jeff Nischwitz

Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

Craig Mathews

Strategist, innovator, consultant, and
CEO of Cardivera