Please note: We originally aired this podcast as the Impact Leadership Podcast in March of 2020, and changed the name to Leadership Junkies in February 2021. There are still references to the Impact Leadership Podcast in the audio of the episodes through episode 86, which is the last episode released under the old title. 

In this episode, we will share what this podcast is all about and a bit about your hosts, Jeff Nischwitz and Craig Mathews.

Show Notes

  1:40   Jeff’s Leadership Journey

  3:16   Craig’s Leadership Journey

  5:05   The Leadership Gap (leading from the inside out)

  6:55   Growing your people creates greater impact (grow your people, grow your business, grow your life). The people first mindset.

  8:05   Learning from failure and accelerating growth and impact

  8:35   Four Growth Pillars – 1. Grow yourself; 2. Grow your people; 3. Grow the business; 4. Grow your revenue (sales and marketing)

  9:58   Disengaged teams (Gallup poll) – In what ways can you grow your people to change the face of leadership?

11:18   Disrupting Leaders – Getting uncomfortable as leaders and doing thing differently (not everyone wants to lead). The hot fire of leadership.

12:45   Leadership is everywhere (business, personal, family, community). Leading through life and relationships.

14:30   Unmasking our lives and leadership. Vulnerability and leadership.

16:10   Role of modeling in leadership and growing your people. Creating a safe environment for your people to grow, risk and fail.

17:56   Leadership blind spots and need for outsiders to help us see them.

19:16   Ideas and guests with in-the-trenches failures, successes and big impact. Ideas you can implement today for different outcomes tomorrow

20:20   Recipes (implementation how to’s) for more business and life impact.

20:55   Leadership requires us to break and bend rules, try new things and ask ourselves and guests hard questions. Ideas from different industries and different leaders.

Your Hosts

Jeff Nischwitz

Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

Craig Mathews

Strategist, innovator, consultant, and
CEO of Cardivera