Are you a creative struggling to unleash your creativity? Are you battling with your inner critic? Do you want to move past the “not enough” stories and doubts? Are you ready to claim your most creative and impactful self?

Our special guest Cami Travis-Groves answers these and other questions about the inner work of life and leadership.

As a transformational coach and an expert in inner work, Cami Travis-Groves helps creatives tame their inner critics for good and become their absolute best selves. As a 30-year veteran of the graphic design industry, she understands intimately the struggles of a creative career.

Cami is also an international keynote speaker and an author based in the Kansas City area. She is probably best known for her good juju, spreading it wherever she goes.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • If you only work on your symptoms, the root cause will always bring back the issues
  • Unique challenges faced by creatives in business, career and life
  • The role of your inner critic in holding you back
  • Navigating a male dominated industry as a woman
  • Realities of using affirmations to create inner change
  • The role of trauma in birthing our inner critic
  • Understanding the ways that your limbic brain is holding you back
  • Getting access to the parts of your brain that serve you
  • Understanding and being aware of your emotions to shift from reaction to response
  • The importance of having a conversation with your inner critic
  • Overcoming the subtle limiting messages as a creative (i.e. “Don’t be a starving artist.”)
  • Why creatives often carry the deepest wounds
  • The need for trauma informed training in education
  • Life and leadership is about coloring outside the lines
  • The reality that little “t” trauma is everywhere and just as impactful
  • Being aware of the little “t” traumas you create for others every day
  • Understanding the importance of the Losado Ratio (people need a ratio of 3 to 1 positive feedback over constructive feedback)
  • Embracing reinforcing feedback as a leadership and growth tool
  • Transformation coaching is a healing journey
  • The inner work is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but it’s the path to freedom


Special Guest

Cami Travis-Groves

Transformational coach and an expert in inner work for creatives

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