Are you ever considering writing a book? Are you already in the process of writing a book? Do you wonder if your story is worth telling?

Our special guest Jae Herman answers these and other questions about storytelling, book writing and sharing your story through a book.

Jae Hermann is a storyteller, badassery advocate and CEO of Jae Hermann Storytelling Studio and Badassery Lab. She empowers women, retirees (reinvention misters and mavens), authors and career bloggers to overcome fear and self-doubt to reclaim a greater sense of self. Using a holistic approach to build confidence and make positive mind shifts, Jae guides clients to break through negative self-talk, find clarity and purpose to become badass creative professionals and storytellers. Jae is passionate about storytelling because our stories have the power to change lives.

Jae is also a sci-fi junkie, avid Latin dancer, breast implant illness survivor, midlife reinvention supporter, and healthy food connoisseur.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Unleashing your creative essence
  • What it means to be a badass advocate
  • Assessing whether your story needs to be told
  • Key questions to ask and answer when you’re considering writing a book
  • Understanding the role of your creative intuition in writing a book
  • What it takes inside you to write and publish a book
  • Important issues to consider when deciding whether to write a book
  • Understanding the marketing realities in writing and publishing a book
  • The healing power of writing and publishing a book
  • Different ways the imposter syndrome impacts authors and tools for navigating past it
  • A process of getting past your fears in writing a book and sharing your story
  • Realities of book writing and publishing
  • The importance of your social media platform in marketing your book
  • Knowing the truest why for your book
  • The importance of getting clear on your purpose and goals in writing a book
  • The value of using a writing process when writing your book
  • Questions to consider when engaging people to help you write, publish and market your book
  • If you want to write a book, are you already regularly writing
  • The writing realities of using a ghostwriter
  • Collaboration essentials in working with a coach and editor


Special Guest

Jae Hermann

CEO of Jae Hermann Storytelling Studio and Badassery Lab

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