Are you confused about what it means to have a brand? Are you looking to clarify your personal or business brand? Do you want to better understand branding, strategic marketing and putting your brand into action?

Our special guest Davaughnu Banks answers these and other questions about brand, strategic marketing and leadership.

Davaughnu Banks is the Founder and Chief Marketing Consultant of Envision Brand Marketing, the business model of which is DREAM.PURPOSE.ACTION.® He brings over 20 years of experience as an accomplished strategic marketing and advertising professional. He also has a passion and collaborative hands-on servant-leadership style that has enabled him to plan and execute award-winning marketing solutions for small, medium-sized, and Fortune 500 companies.

Davaughnu’s enjoyed working with a lot of great brand partners such as Ford, Hilton Worldwide, White Castle, Bosch, Great Lakes Coffee, The Shops @ Rockvale, General Motors, Compuware, Warrior Sports, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and many more.

Originally born in Toronto, Canada and then raised in Windsor, Canada, Davaughnu now lives in the Metro-Detroit area with his wife Liz and their two teenage sons.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Understanding brand and brand strategy
  • What it means to dream relative to your brand
  • The role of purpose in your brand
  • The critical need to turn your brand strategy into action
  • Aligning your execution with your strategy and brand
  • Brand and marketing strategy is about your long-term business strategy (not your short-term sales desires)
  • Connecting brand perception with value
  • The importance of staying in your brand lane
  • Staying within your mission, values, pillars, and evolve with your customer as their needs change
  • Branding and marketing strategy processes apply to any size business (only the scale changes)
  • Where to start with your brand and marketing strategy
  • Importance of educating your team around the brand
  • Understanding the difference between your brand versus your visuals and taglines
  • A brand hot seat and case study
  • Where to start when considering your brand
  • Role of perception in branding and marketing
  • Critical role of stories and storytelling in branding and marketing
  • Targeting your brand and message to people’s wants
  • Leadership lessons from the movie Remember the Titans


Special Guest

Davaughnu Banks

Founder and Chief Marketing Consultant of Envision Brand Marketing

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