Have you ever wondered how to increase your productivity, employee satisfaction and engagement by 36% or more in your business? Our special guest Rafael Cortez answers this and many more questions. Rafael is CEO of CEO Pulse, a serial entrepreneur, a former firefighter (one of the youngest in Yuma County, AZ), an industrial organizational psychologist, a podcaster, and real estate broker/investor. Rafael shares the path to intentionally building a business with a culture that integrates people and systems. Most important, Rafael will give you tools to help you better align your people, systems and roles. The Impact Leadership Podcast is brought to you by Cardivera, the leadership development eco-system that helps leaders lead where they are with more influence and impact.

Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn …

  • Ways that Rafael has borrowed the processes and systems approach as a firefighter to his businesses
  • Using behavioral analysis assessment with teams and cultures
  • Aligning your team’s strengths with their roles and responsibilities
  • Working at the intersection of systems / processes and people (to integrate them rather than treating them as separate)
  • When your people, roles and strengths are aligned, you have a 36% increase in productivity, employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Revenue comes first when you launch a business and shifts to people focus once you have established the revenue model
  • Use a daily Top 3 strategy to stay purposeful and focused
  • Businesses need visionaries and integrators / operators (importance of building a well-rounded team)
  • Vital role of operating systems in your business
  • Chaos drives innovation and change
  • Servant leadership is the key to impact and influence


Special Guest

Rafael Cortez

Founder of CEO Pulse

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Jeff Nischwitz

Author, speaker, coach, consultant, and
Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera

Craig Mathews

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