Have you ever wondered if your business can shift from services to products? Are you looking for ways to innovate your business to better address market shifts? Would like to learn ways to enhance your revenues with less effort? Our special guest Claire Whittaker (London UK) will be answering these and many other questions as we explore artificial intelligence and ways to productize services.

Claire is a coach, consultant and the Founder of Artificially Intelligent Consulting. Claire will be sharing her unique insights, perspectives and ideas on ways to grow your business with products and systems. After working in AI at Amazon UK, Claire now works with businesses to help them productize their business to double revenue while working less. Claire is an expert on using processes and systems to enhance your effectiveness, efficiency and profits. Claire will be sharing the keys to effectively productizing your services into online products and programs.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights …

  • Artificial intelligence is here and its value applies to many businesses
  • Productizing services is much more than putting your services online
  • It’s essential that you deeply understand what you deliver and what your clients get from your services before you shift them into products
  • Essentials for creating online courses
  • You don’t have to lose the magic of your services when you take them on online
  • Online courses often enhance your clients’ learning experience and understanding
  • Productization requires careful consideration and understanding of all the steps that go into what you now deliver as a service
  • Many online programs have to be cut into smaller slices of time and learning (you can’t deliver a live program into an online program with the same time slots)
  • The importance of considering and designing the client journey and experience when it comes to productized services and programs
  • The value of being intentional in designing your courses and programs (and often engaging a design expert)
  • Services that require a high level of technical knowledge will be more difficult to productize
  • Effective productization requires that you continue to reassess your process, “product” and client experience … and then continuously improve your online product
  • The reality that productization takes a great deal of time and work
  • You also must address the question of how people will find your online product / course
  • It’s important to take a 360 degree look at your entire design, offering, product, process, launch, etc. in order to get it right
  • The productization golden nugget – it’s ALL about the customer journey!
  • Leadership wisdom … less is more


Special Guest

Claire Whittaker

Claire Whittaker

Founder of Artificially Intelligent

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