Are you confused about what it means to innovate? Are you curious about what it means to have a culture of innovation? Are you looking for ways to innovate in your business? Would you like to get past your innovation obstacles? Our special guest Michelle Royal answers these questions and more about innovation.

Michelle Royal is an innovation speaker, entrepreneur and consultant, and the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Royal Innovation Design Group (RIDG). Michelle has a Masters in Business Innovation from the Deusto Business School in Bilbao, Spain and a Master of Arts from the University of Chicago, and she’s was the first innovation coach to the European Union.

Listen in as Michelle talks about innovation, people and problem solving.

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Show Notes

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • “Innovation is people making money by turning failure into ideas that work”
  • Innovation is a deep journey where you face how much you don’t know, acknowledge your personal limitations and together overcome obstacles and solve problems
  • Business innovation and leadership development must be integrated
  • One challenge to innovation is the internal culture of rejection (more than the failure rate) – leaders must be aware of the many ways they reject and stifle ideas and innovation
  • One entrepreneurial challenge is diving into ideas and a business without testing it – fall in love with your customers, not your ideas (products)
  • Big innovation often starts with small steps and failures
  • Embracing failure in the innovation journey
  • Change management maxim – people don’t want to be changed unless it’s them that want to be changed
  • Designing the employee experience is just as important (or even more important) than the customer experience
  • Innovation is about, by and for people
  • Beware the religiosity of the entrepreneur doer (innovation requires inspiring and engaging entire teams of people)
  • Innovation readiness for an organization, team or leader is vital to assess before you embark on an innovation journey
  • Every company is being disrupted by COVID
  • Innovation is a process more than an event
  • Innovation prioritization is an important factor in innovation readiness
  • Your innovation priorities are framed by your north star and mission / vision
  • Innovation is more about testing than picking winners including integration in the business and across the business
  • Don’t pay for ideas
  • Feedback doesn’t require testing with hundreds (test and asses with your ideal six)
  • Innovation won’t work without an environment of trust and respect
  • Innovation during COVID is essential including designing virtual experiences
  • The role of adaptation and evolution in innovation
  • “Innovation is not rocket science” – by understanding your unique value you already have all the ingredients for innovation (you just might need a different formula to be successful)
  • Innovation is an internal desire for people to be the best they can be
  • “Anyvation” – Innovation anywhere, anytime with anyone any day of the week


Special Guest

Michelle Royal

Michelle Royal

Innovation speaker, entrepreneur and consultant, and the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Royal Innovation Design Group (RIDG)

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