Have you witnesses or been the target of workplace bullying? Do you want to create a safe and healthy environment for your team? Are you committed to addressing and removing any toxic behavior in your organization? Our special guest Leslie Levy August is here to answer these and many other questions about workplace bullying, healthy workplaces and team engagement.

For 35 years, Leslie Levy August held progressively senior management roles in international insurance agencies in addition to being an entrepreneur. In that time she saw the stark comparison between toxic vs. healthy workplaces and how toxic workplaces resulted in employee disengagement, distraction, illness, and loss of productivity and profitability.

Leslie brings a unique perspective on workplace bullying, and toxic work environments. And not only is she going to share on the ideas on how to solve these issues, and the impact of these issues, but she has lived it. Leslie is the Founder of  The Leslie August Corporation and she’s part of The Workplace Bullying University. Leslie has a real passion for changing things after having witnessed and being the target of workplace bullying as a business owner, manager, bystander, and target. This experience changed the direction of her life and was the genesis for her business.

​Listen in as Leslie shares her wisdom and experience on eradicating workplace building, reducing legal and HR costs, and increasing productivity.

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Definitions of workplace bullying
  • Examples of workplace bullying that might surprise you
  • Awareness of workplace bullying that’s perpetrated in writing (e.g. email, texts)
  • The biggest challenges for people who are targeted for workplace bullying
  • Understanding what separates workplace bullying from poor management
  • Differentiating discrimination from workplace bullying (discrimination is illegal while bullying is not)
  • The importance of creating psychological safety in the workplace
  • Strategies for people who are the target of workplace bullying
  • Workplace bullies often work the organizational system well by building relationships with superiors
  • Tools to assess whether you’re being bullied in the workplace
  • The importance of having an anti-bullying policy and procedure in your organization
  • Strategies for minimizing the costs of workplace bullying and strategies for addressing it before it becomes a bigger issue
  • Communication strategies for addressing workplace bullying
  • Increased risks of workplace bullying during COVID
  • Workplace bullying and power differentials
  • Important statistics on workplace bullying
  • The enhanced rate of women bullying women
  • The role of millennials in ending workplace bullying by not tolerating it
  • The high and wide ranging costs of workplace bullying and toxic work environments
  • The role of trust and the impact of workplace bullying and toxic work environments on trust
  • The benefits of a safe and healthy workplace environment
  • The higher percentage of organizations that are NOT responding to bullying complaints (72%)
  • Underlying causes of bullying behavior
  • Solutions for eliminating workplace bullying
  • Many workplace bullies are perceived as high performers


Special Guest

Leslie Levy August

Founder of  The Leslie August Corporation

Part of The Workplace Bullying University

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