Are you confused about what to do to build a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture? Are you looking to better understand the differences that are part of organizations today? Are you committed to creating a safer and more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture and organization?

Our special guest Marcia Alvarado answers these and other questions about diversity, equity, inclusion and leadership.

Marcia Alvarado has been a licensed professional engineer for the past 16 years and works as a Structural Market Leader for WGI in Tampa, Florida. She graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in Civil Engineering in 2004, where she played collegiate basketball. Marcia then pursued a career in structural engineering starting in New York City, and received her Master’s from the University of South Florida in 2009. Marcia enjoys designing buildings and has always had a passion for helping others through the ACE Mentor Program, a mentoring program for high school student to learn about the industry.

Marcia also has ventured in the fashion world by way of modeling and provides custom suiting for Sharpe Suiting, an LGBTQ+ owned and operated luxury custom suiting brand. In 2020, she Founded The Alvarado Experience, a consultancy focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Marcia knew her path was in design and construction at the age of four as she was standing on the London Bridge, barely tall enough to reach the glass, and told her mother “I want to build buildings when I grow up.”

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Show Notes

Episode highlights…

  • Navigating the engineering, construction and business world as an other
  • Critical interpersonal skills and mindsets for supporting more diversity, equity and inclusion in the world
  • Understanding the difference between gender identity, gender role and gender expression
  • Understanding gender identity and expression in the trans community
  • The role of sexual expression in diversity, equity and inclusion (understanding the LBGTQ+ and queer community)
  • Ongoing challenges for the LBGTQ+ community in the workplace
  • Leaders and organizations must do more than talk the DEI talk
  • The role of intersectionality with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
  • Keys to bringing values around diversity, equity and inclusion alive in your organization
  • The role of vulnerability in diversity, equity and inclusion leadership
  • The leadership essential of knowing thyself especially when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • The power of publicly using your pronouns to build a safe and more belonging culture


Special Guest

Marcia Alvarado

Structural Market Leader for WGI in Tampa, Florida

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